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Happy campers

Looking for a place to camp with your friends? Your search ends here! E. Frome Enterprises owns amazing campsites right along the creek where you can enjoy with your friends and family. Spread across 4 acres of land, most of our campsites are equipped with necessary utilities like water supply and an electric connection.


You'll find different kinds of fishing baits at our exclusive on-site store, Happy Hooker.

Campsites to relax with your friends and family

Amenities at our campsites

Get in touch with Genie at 814-435-8279 for a FREE estimate and to clarify all your doubts regarding the campsites.

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to learn more about our campsites!

  • Water

  • 50 amp electric connection

  • Sewer and septic tanks

  • Dumpsite

  • Happy Hooker bait shop

Spend your leisure time at our camp spots